Tree Pruning:

Class I - A class one includes all deadwood, interior and exterior thinning, shaping and canopy work. This Pruning is the most invasive but the end result is the best for the tree. This pruning method is very healthy for the tree as it helps promote correct tree groth.

Class II - With a class II which is most common, the deadwood, thinning and shaping of the tree. Removing of the dead limbs of 1.5" or larger. This is a very thorough prune covering all aspects of the tree.

Class III - During a class III prune just the hazardous or major dead portions of the tree will be removed. If any portions of the tree are around electrical wires or other objects they will be reduced to a safe lateral.

Vista Pruning - This type of pruning is usually used to open views off decks, through windows, and other areas to allow for nice perspective of tree canopy or other views.

Structural pruning - Usually for younger trees structural pruning is to promote the shape and strength. This method usually reduces problems later it the trees life.

Ornamental Pruning - Hand pruning usually for smaller décor trees such as Japanese maple.

Safety First

Timber! Tree Service makes Safety a Number ONE priority keeping staff CPR and First Aid Certified through (MEDIC First Aid)