Plant Health Care:

Root Flare Excavation - The process of removing excess soil from the base of the tree to expose the root flare. This process is commonly used when a tree is planted to deep. If a trees root flare (crown) is too deep it reduces the amount of nutrients. This can also cause reduced tree growth and girdling roots.

Soil Emersion - This is used to test the moisture levels and soil composition to insure water volume and soil is sufficient for the trees habitat.

Vertical Mulching - Using an Air Spade to penetrate the soil and create a hole without damaging the root system and then adding mulch. This helps the tree stimulate feeder root growth and helps during very wet and dry seasons. This also helps if the soil has been compacted. Compacted soil reduces the tree or shrubs ability to absorb nutrients.

Soil Injections - A way to fertilize trees without spraying. Injecting a Chemical into the ground allowing the roots to take in the nutrients. This allows the tree to intake fertilizer without spraying which can have a negative impact on certain insects which are good for the tree.

Soil Analysis - We can test the soil to determine what matter you tree is taking in. Maybe the tree is getting to much of a specific chemical which could be burning the roots or the nutrients is not breaking down properly in the soil.

Safety First

Timber! Tree Service makes Safety a Number ONE priority keeping staff CPR and First Aid Certified through (MEDIC First Aid)